From: Sam Cohen
CEO, BIO-ZONE, Inc. and developer of BIO-ZONE™
Re: How to end your septic tank problems forever

Dear Homeowner,

Not again.

The house smells faintly like a sewer… stronger in the bathroom and kitchen.

The toilets won't flush and the “water” coming into your sinks turns your stomach.

You've seen this before… sure signs of a septic tank backup.

You look outside and a pool of festering sludge on the ground reveals the awful—and expensive —truth. Your septic tank is “out of order” and needs to be repaired.

The first few times this happened to me, I thought it was just part of living in rural Minnesota . But soon I'd had enough. I needed a solution that would let me forget about my septic tank and stop worrying about the smells and the sludge.

Discover the answer from “The Septic Tank Expert”

Hi, This is Sam Cohen, and I've been studying biology and the environment for over 20 years. I love solving tricky problems and have a passion for making the world a better place through my inventions.

I spend a lot of time on the road doing research, and over the years I've dealt with a lot of my friends' septic tanks. My observations and inventions have helped people in around the country get their tanks in tip-top condition. So folks have dubbed me “The Septic Tank Expert.”

Here’s WHY what you’ve been doing is NOT working

You see, there are countless ways to clog up your septic tank resulting in toxic overflow. And the scary thing is, some of them can even seem like the “right” thing to do!

The fact is, if you use commercial products to unclog your drains, you might be doing serious damage to your septic tank. Damage that leads to dangerous clogs .

Many households chemicals, cleaners and bleaches end up actually killing the “ecosystem” that your septic tank needs to do its job and turn your household waste into harmless runoff.

And when the “ecosystem” in your septic tank is out of order… really bad things start to happen.

Are you going to keep living in a sewer?

What could happen if your septic tank breaks down?

Exposing your family and wildlife to toxic chemicals

Making your home unlivable for days, maybe weeks

Dysentery, hepatitis, and other deadly diseases in the air and on the ground…

And paying for a new drainfield or septic system would cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000 .

But now you don't have to risk any of these unthinkable outcomes. Let me show you how to maintain your septic tank the easy way

Introducing Bio-Zone, the World’s Easiest Way to Control Your Septic Tank
So it NEVER Overflows or Backs up Again.

Finally, you can be confident that you'll never wake up to that “sewer” smell in your home again.

No more toxic “wet spots” to worry about.

And the money you'll save from not needing to repair your tank or drain field will be enough to put your kids through college (well, almost).

"Just wanted to let you know, I’ve been using BIO-ZONE for well over a year, and haven't had a single clog in all that time. Before, I was getting them every month or so. Thanks!"

Mary, Shelter Island, NY

You see, Bio-Zone is a natural solution that keeps your septic tank running smoothly. Here's how it works:

Your household waste goes into the septic tank and starts to separate. The solids sink to the bottom and liquids leave through the outlet pipe.

What happens in a “healthy” septic tank is that bacteria transform the solid waste into a neutral liquid in about 24 hours. It then rises with the other liquids and goes into your drain field where it is harmlessly absorbed into the ground.

So what causes clogs?

Just imagine if all the busy bacteria that were dissolving your household waste just stopped working. The waste would all build up, wouldn't it? The outlet would clog, and the sewage would find any way out that it possibly couldincluding your yard and home .

This is exactly what happens in regular septic tank clogs.

To fix it, you'd need a fresh supply of healthy, motivated bacteria to break down the waste and unclog the system.

And that's exactly what Bio-Zone gives you…

Billions of Active Bacteria That Dissolve Septic Tank Waste Around the Clock

Bacteria similar to what's in BIO-ZONE are responsible for some of modern history's biggest cleanup efforts. Following the major oil spill in Alaska 's Prince William Sound , the Environmental Protection Agency brought in natural oil-eating bacteria to help clean up the mess.

Follow-up studies suggest that the microbes did as good a job in cleaning up soiled beaches as high-pressure hoses and detergents could have done. "It was almost as if we had brought in fresh rock," stated the EPA's project manager after visiting the site.

If the EPA brings in bacteria for its dirty work, shouldn't you?

A scientific blend of powerful enzymes and billions of hungry bacteria working in unison, BIO-ZONE provides the perfect balance to break down and liquefy your septic tank wastes.

BIO-ZONE's double powered dissolving action works on the toughest sludge imaginable:

  Human and Pet Wastes
  Food waste
  Paper and Cotton Fibers, and even
  Caked on Soaps and Solvents!


Plus, BIO-ZONE is environmentally friendly and non-toxic as well. Because it is made up of living organisms, and not harsh chemicals, it's also safe for the water supply.

You could even hold the powder in your hand! (If you try that with a regular plumbing products, you'd find yourself in the ER in a hurry!)

Why Good Bacteria Die: the Bad News About Commercial Products

The problem is, at the first sign of trouble, (or many times even before) – many people turn to harsh chemical solutions. The pipes are clogged or the toilet is sluggish? Pour some heavy duty compounds down the drain, and the problem seems to be solved. But actually, you're not solving the problem, you're making it even worse!

Commercial drain cleaners usually use lye or acids to unclog the pipes. And yes, they can take care of the immediate problem. But those chemicals don't just disappear once they land in the tank. They sit there – killing off the essential bacteria that the system needs to work properly.

The more you pour these cleansers or detergents down the drain, the worse the problem becomes. Until eventually you reach a point where the system stays clogged no matter what you do—and the repairman's hefty bill comes your way.

"Dear Sirs,

A couple of years back I found out the hard way why keeping a septic tank in proper condition was important. A couple of thousand dollars later, the contractor recommended BIO-ZONE. I wished I knew that before my tank overflowed!!! I now use it every 30 days as recommended. Haven’t had a problem since."

Doug, Nebraska

A Backyard Breakthrough

BIO-ZONE was developed through years of careful research, as well as trial and error. I experimented with septic tanks around the country to discover the precise mixture of bacteria and enzymes that consistently revived “sick” septic tanks. I finally arrived at a formula that works like clockwork to unclog tanks, reduce odor, and clear drainfield backups .

My friends and colleagues like to call the BIO-ZONE special formula my “backyard breakthrough.” I'm just happy that it helps so many people keep their own backyards and homes safe and healthy.

How BIO-ZONE Turns Waste Into Water

BIO-ZONE's unique blend of enzymes and bacteria encourages the growth of a powerful microbial ecosystem in your septic tank. BIO-ZONE blends selectively adapted spores and vegetative microorganisms, designed specifically to consume organic compounds that don't degrade on their own.

Each microorganism in BIO-ZONE was chosen because of its superior ability to break down items such as fats, oils, greases, proteins, starches and carbohydrates.

BIO-ZONE has demonstrated enhanced cell growth, germination rate and effectiveness over a wide range of household wastes. Additionally, BIO-ZONE performs exceptionally well in both aerobic and anaerobic septic tank environments.

BIO-ZONE is Environmentally Friendly… a "Green" Product!

Unlike conventional products that use harsh chemicals and solvents to clean your pipes, BIO-ZONE uses only naturally occurring ingredients. In fact, “ingredients” isn't the right word because BIO-ZONE is made up of living organisms!

You can feel good about using BIO-ZONE, because it's safe for the natural environment, the water supply, and even the people in your home. BIO-ZONE is non-toxic to humans and animals… so you could even hold the powder in your hand!

Here’s why you should try BIO-ZONE risk-free today

When you put BIO-ZONE to the test in your septic tank today, here's what you'll get:

  • A guaranteed healthier ecosystem in your tank, so you never need to worry about “septic reflux” coming into your home or yard ever again
  • A non-toxic solution to many of your plumbing needs so you can have a healthy house without harming the environment or your family
  • A proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes that works faster than any other septic tank additive on the market
  • A product made in America so you know it’s top-quality… and you’re supporting a business on our shores…
  • It’s plumbing-safe, so it won’t eat away at your drains, pipes, or fixtures like other products do…
  • Brain-dead easy application—simply flush 2 ounces of powder down your toilet once a month. It comes with a convenient measuring scoop, so all you do is measure and flush… nothing to it.
  • The peace of mind from knowing your family and the environment is safe from a septic tank overflow…

"There’s one thing that sold me on BIO-ZONE (other than that it works!) – it’s made in the USA by Americans. As a vet, that’s really important to me."

Charles, California

If BIO-ZONE Were Free…

What if I offered you a supply of BIO-ZONE for free? What if I said you ONLY had to pay for BIO-ZONE if it works for you? Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do with my...


If you are EVER unsatisfied with the performance of BIO-ZONE, just return the unused portions back to us. We'll immediately refund your investment (less S&H) on what was returned.

PLUS! If BIO-ZONE wasn't everything we claimed it was, let us know within an entire year (365 days!) , and we'll give you back every last penny you paid (less S&H) – even for the portions already used!

No questions asked.

Why You’ll Never Find BIO-ZONE in Any Store

You won't find BIO-ZONE in any store, it's only available online and from us in person and here's why. Number one, we can only make so much product. We're a small family-owned business and can only make 100 gallons per batch. We often sell out of product, but don't want to deal with the hassle of a larger operation.

Second, our family wants to be able to be available to help BIO-ZONE users, and being a smaller company helps us do that. That's why BIO-ZONE is only available factory-direct to you.

Procrastinating Will Cost You, BIG TIME!

The offer I'm about to make to you is very limited. Due to short supplies, we almost never discount BIO-ZONE. But because we overestimated production for this quarter we have some extra inventory that we're willing to discount 55% off our retail price to free up warehouse space.

This offer WILL be retracted immediately as soon as our inventory numbers normalize.

Here is Exactly What I Am Offering You Today

Today, I am proud to offer you a full 5-year supply of the BIO-ZONE Septic Tank System. That's 60 (!) two ounce scoops.

The complete package usually retails for $180 but if this page is still up then my offer of 55% off the retail price still stands.
That means you receive the full BIO-ZONE Septic Tank System for only $80.
That's right, only $80 bucks for a full 5 years of septic tank protection and convenience.

That amounts to a mere $1.33 per month or less than $.04 cents a day. You find more than that in your couch when you vacuum. Surely a safe and well-maintained septic system is worth such a modest investment.

Plus, if you order today, we'll also pay 100% of the shipping costs by UPS.

BIO-ZONE Only Costs $80, But How Much Is It Worth?

When you use BIO-ZONE you won't have to pay to have your tank pumped nearly as often, which will save you hundreds of dollars… year after year.

Plus, BIO-ZONE will prolong the life of your septic tank and save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and replacement fees.

But really, how much would you pay to know that your septic tank won't back up ever again ? How about knowing that your home will be free of “sewer smell” and your yard will stay clean and safe?

I'm sure you'd agree that that's priceless.

And at this super-discounted price, you'd have to be pretty foolish NOT to at least try BIO-ZONE.

Let’s Recap What You’ve Learned

You know that your septic tank is a health and home disaster waiting to happen (if it hasn't already) and that BIO-ZONE can help you avert that disaster immediately.

You've seen scientific proof that it works and heard from happy users. You know that the current price will only be around for a limited time, and that it is a wise investment for your home and family.

And your success is 100% guaranteed.

So let's go ahead and fix your problem.

Here Is Exactly What You Need to Do Right Now

First, click the “Order Now” button below.

Second, take out your Visa or MasterCard, and fill out the form on the next page. Your order will be placed immediately, and you'll receive your supply of BIO-ZONE in less than one week.

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Bio-Zone Sepitc Treatment - 5 Years - With Shipping

Sincerely yours,
Sam Cohen
CEO, BIO-ZONE Inc. and developer of BIO-ZONE™

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